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By default, the search panel lets you search the top level, or root, files. When you want to dig deeper into the files that makes up the root files, you can perform a subcomponent search. Just like the root file search, you can search the subcomponents by keyword and you can filter by a limited selection of file attributes. Combine both search methods to improve your search results.

This feature searches the subcomponents of all root files in the files list. If you previously selected reports or specified search criteria, those are reset when you choose the Subcomponent Search option.

Unlike the root file search, the subcomponent search allows the use of wildcards.

  1. Click the Advanced Search button on the right side of the search panel.
  2. Enable the Search Subcomponents option.
  3. Specify the desired search criteria using one or both of the following methods.

    Search by keyword
    1. Type your search criteria in the Search field.
      FACT filters the file list as you type, displaying only the subcomponents whose file name, product name, supplier, file version, product version, or description match the text you enter.
    2. Enter multiple keywords to improve the search results.
    3. Make use of wildcards to match a single or multiple undefined characters.
      • Use ? to represent a single character.
      • Use * to represent zero or more characters, including spaces.
    4. Click Search_clear.png to the right of your search criteria to clear the field.
    Filter by attribute
    1. Click the Advanced Search button to display the available attributes.
    2. Click + to the left of the attribute you want to filter by.
      The attribute displays on the search panel in its expanded form.
    3. Specify the type you want to search for.
      The File Type and MIME Type attribute lists display some common types. You can select from the list provided or use the field at the top of the list to enter your own. Click the check mark to the right of the field to add your entry to the search panel.

    FACT ranks the results, placing the most relevant files at the top.
  4. Click Search_clear.png to the right of the search panel to clear all search criteria.
    This returns you to the root file search.
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