Submit files for analysis

In the web portal you can manually submit a file or hash to FACT for analysis.

When you submit a file, FACT performs a preliminary analysis on the file to determine the file characteristics. FACT uses this information (the digital fingerprint) to check the aDolus FACT database (the Trusted Repository) to identify whether or not the file has previously been submitted.

When there is a fingerprint match, the submission information is updated (user, date/time of submission), but the file is not uploaded.

When there is no fingerprint match, the file is considered unknown. What happens next depends on the preferences set by your organization. The file may be uploaded automatically or you may be prompted to initiate the upload. If your organization has chosen to never upload files for deep analysis, there will be no further action.

The submitted files appear in the file list on the Submitted Files page. Within the list, a submitted file/hash looks no different than a file that has been uploaded. However, the uploaded file may contain more extensive information.

  1. Use the Files menu in the sidebar to navigate to the Submitted Files page.
  2. Click Submit Files.
    The Submit Files window opens. You can submit a single file, multiple files, or a single hash.
  3. Submit files in one of the following ways.

    Submit one or more files
    1. Click the File tab.
    2. Click anywhere in the file drop zone to open your file explorer.
    3. Locate and select the file(s) you want to submit; click Open.


      Alternately, open your file explorer and select the files you want to submit for analysis. Drag and drop the selected files into the area indicated on the page.

    Submit a hash
    1. Click the Hash tab.
    2. Enter (type or paste) the file hash in the field provided.
    3. Click Submit.

    A progress bar in the lower right corner of the page shows when the process is complete.

    If there is a fingerprint match, the status is Submission Complete, indicating the submission information has been updated. The file is not uploaded again.

    If there is no fingerprint match, what happens next depends on your organization's upload policy setting:

    • If your organization allows uploads, the file is automatically uploaded and the status is Upload Complete.

    • If your organization requires that all uploads be confirmed, you are prompted to upload the file. Click Upload to proceed. A progress bar tracks the upload and then displays the status Upload Complete. (Click the Cancel button if you want to skip the upload.)

    • If your organization prohibits uploads, the status is Submission Complete and the file is not uploaded.

  4. Close the Submission window in the lower right corner.
    A message at the top of the page indicates that new submission data is available.
  5. View the submission(s) in the file list as follows:
    • When the newly submitted data matches the current Classification filter setting, click Refresh to display the file(s). If you have other filters set, you may need to update them to see the submission(s).
    • When the newly submitted data does not match the current Classification filter setting, click Update Filters to display file(s). Note that this updates your filter settings to accommodate the new files.

      The assigned score displays to the left of the file name.

      A symbol may appear to the right of the file's score. This provides additional information about the file. Hover your cursor over the symbol to display a tooltip. The following list explains each symbol.

      Trusted Supplier
      The file was submitted to FACT as part of a product from a trusted partner supplier.
      Certificate Chain Mismatch
      The file's certificate does not match the certificate chain provided by the trusted partner supplier. This symbol is a warning that the file may be fraudulent.
      The file is being analyzed by the FACT system. When processing is complete, the file may display an adjusted score.
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