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When you enter the FACT web portal, you find yourself on the Visibility Report dashboard. There is a navigation panel on the left side of the page. This panel is always available but can be collapsed to save space when you don't need it. Use the menu in this panel to navigate between FACT pages, to access the Help Center, or to sign out of the portal. At the top of each page, FACT displays a breadcrumb path and the name of the current page.

The functionality available to you in FACT depends on your account type, organization, and assigned role.

The navigation panel can contain thee following pages and features:

Multiple executive dashboards give you insight into the files submitted to FACT by your organization for analysis. These can be files you use (submitted files — all plans) or files you produce (product files — Product Supplier plan only).
This menu contains features specific to software vendors, including access to the FACT Composition Engine (FCE) application. This menu is visible only to registered vendors.
End User Tools
This menu provides access to the Submitted Files page, which is geared towards asset owner end users. On the Submitted Files page, you can search for, view, and manage existing files submitted by members of your organization. You can also submit a file or hash for analysis.  
API Access
This link appears for accounts that have been granted API access. It gives users within an organization access to API credentials for the aDolus micro API and the full API. This page includes instructions for using the API credentials and links to the API documentation.
This link (your company name) displays the users associated with your organization and the organization's profile details. This is where administrators manage the account settings and add new users.
This link (your name) displays your personal profile and settings. Here you can edit your personal details, change your password, manage multi-factor authentication, and configure your notification settings.
This link opens the aDolus FACT online user help in the aDolus Help Center. Here you have access to a suite of articles on how to use FACT, along with FAQs and related news.
Sign Out
This link signs you out of the portal.
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