Understanding files

A file moves through four stages in FACT:

Select a file to submit for analysis. You can do this manually in the web portal (all users) or automatically with the FACT Composition Engine (Partner Supplier plan only). When using the web portal, you can also choose to submit a file hash.
On submission, FACT performs a preliminary analysis to determine file characteristics and check to see if the file is already in the FACT database. If the file is unknown (no fingerprint match), it can be uploaded for deep analysis (depending on your organization’s settings).
FACT creates a record of the file in the web portal. Information alongside each file name includes the file type, supplier, product, version, date submitted, and the assigned confidence score.
Review the assigned score and classify the file as Approved or Rejected. You can add details to the record, including tags and a description. This step indicates to other users in your organization that the results have been reviewed.

All of the files you see in the FACT web portal (Submitted Files page) were submitted by members of your organization. Detailed information is available for every file in FACT. In addition to viewing details on the file fingerprints, properties, and signature, you can see an explanation for the score and the relationship of a file to other files.

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