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When a file is submitted to the FACT system, it is analyzed and assigned a score. This value tells users at a glance if any security issues have been detected with a file.

The FACT trust score is a confidence rating based on a ten point scale. The color-coded score assigned to each file reflects the level of trust the FACT system has in the file.

rating_red.png  file score is 0.0 – 1.9 (low trust)

rating_orange.png  file score is 2.0 - 3.9 (low-intermediate trust)

rating_yellow.png  file score is 4.0 – 5.9 (intermediate trust)

rating_chartreuse.png  file score is 6.0 - 7.9 (intermediate-high trust)

rating_green.png  file score is 8.0 – 10.0 (high trust)

Work through the following steps to locate a file and view its score.

  1. Use the Files menu in the sidebar to navigate to the Submitted Files page.
  2. Locate the file you want to view.

     Search Tip

    Use the filter and search features to display a set of files with specific attributes or help locate a particular file. See Filter and search for files for full instructions on using these features.

    The assigned score displays to the left of the file name.
  3. Click the score to display the full details of the analysis.
    A window opens with the Analysis Results page displayed. Where available, click the Detail link to display additional information.
  4. Click OK when you are finished viewing the score details.
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