Clear user sign-in sessions

When a user’s mobile device or laptop has been compromised, lost, or stolen, you need to clear the sign-in sessions for that user. Clearing all active sessions will help prevent a malicious user from gaining access to your corporate information.

This event is reported within System Logs to indicate that all sessions were cleared for the user.

  1. In the sidebar, select Settings > Organization Settings to display your organization’s profile.
    The People tab is selected by default.
  2. Locate the user whose login sessions you want to clear.

     Search Tip

    Use the search field to locate a specific user by name or email address. Click Search_clear.png in this field to clear the criteria.

  3. Click the user’s name to display their member profile.
    This page displays the user’s basic profile details and includes all functionality for managing their account within the organization.
  4. Expand More Actions and select Clear Sign-in Sessions.
    A message indicates that the user’s sessions have been cleared.
    If the user whose sessions you cleared was signed in to the portal when you performed this task, they will automatically be signed out.
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