View users or find a specific user

The Organization Settings page allows administrators to see a list of all users added to your organization, as well as their role and status. From here, you can manage the user accounts.

  1. In the sidebar, select Settings > Organization Settings.
    The People tab displays a list of all users currently listed as part of your organization. The user’s email address, role, and current status are included.


    Depending on the size of your organization, you may need to use the navigation feature at the bottom of the user list to move through the list.

  2. Use the search field to help locate a specific user: enter the full or partial first name, last name, or email address of the user you are looking for.
    FACT filters the user list based on your entry, displaying all users whose name or email address contains the text entered. Click Search_clear.png in the search field to clear the criteria.
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