Install and authenticate the vendor agent

The vendor agent has no installer. All of the files you need are contained in the .zip file that you downloaded in the previous step (Download the vendor agent).

  1. Launch the command line interface.
  2. Extract the vendor agent files to the desired location using the following command. Replace [install path] with the location you want to extract the files to.

    Extract vendor agent files

    C:\> mkdir [install path] ; cd [install path]

    C:\[install path]> Add-Type -AssemblyName System.IO.Compression.FileSystem ; [System.IO.Compression.ZipFile]::ExtractToDirectory("$HOME\Downloads\", "$PWD")


    All code samples in the documentation will refer to this location as [install path]. Make note of this directory as you’ll need it when you analyze and submit files.


    Depending on the file you selected, the downloaded filename may differ from the one used in this example.


In order to submit file data to the aDolus system, you must first grant the agent permission to act on behalf of your aDolus user account. Executing the authorize command on the computer that the agent will submit from allows you to preconfigure the OAuth authorization.

Set up your authentication

[install path]> .\Adolus.Sta.Agent.exe authorize

Your default browser will be launched and directed to the aDolus sign-in page in order to authenticate the user running the agent and provide permission to the agent. After signing in, the agent will store a token for subsequent use of the agent and proceed with the requested submission command.

Please note that your credentials are not stored on the system running the agent. Instead, a revocable token is issued and stored in the Windows Credential Manager. To view and manage your issued tokens, go to Agent Authentication.

If you choose not to execute the authorize command, you will be prompted to sign in the first time the agent is used to submit file analysis results with the submit-product command.


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