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Extensive information is available to you about each product file listed on the Product Files page. Clicking a file's score or name opens the information window. The name of the selected product file appears at the top of this window and the file details are organized across multiple pages. The tab for the currently displayed page is underlined.

The following chart explains the information you'll find on each page.

Analysis Results
View a breakdown of the of the elements that contribute to the confidence rating assigned to the selected product file. The confidence rating is clearly displayed on the tab. See the article View a product file score for details.
File Details
View a variety of information on the selected product file. Information is organized across three sub-pages.
  • The Properties page displays the fingerprint details (that is, the hashes that are used to uniquely identify a file). The basic file details (file name, MIME type, and size), as read from the properties file, are also provided.
  • The Products page displays the details for each product line with which the file is associated.
  • The Signatures page displays any signatures on the file, along with their associated certificates.
See how the selected product file is related to other files. Information is organized across four sub-pages.
  • The Parent Containers page displays all packages known to contain the selected file (parent container).
  • The Contents page lets you examine the file's subcomponents. Expand each subcomponent to view the contents in a tree format. Click any subcomponent to repopulate the entire information window with the details of that selection.
  • The Subcomponent Suppliers page displays a list of suppliers associated with the subcomponent files. The number to the right of the supplier name indicates the number of subcomponents associated with the supplier. Expand each supplier to view these subcomponents.
  • The Subcomponent Licenses page displays a list of the licenses associated with the subcomponent files. The number to the right of the license indicates the number of subcomponents associated with the license. Expand each license to view these subcomponents.
View the SBOMs — Software Bills of Materials — generated for the selected file. You can generate a new SBOM on this page. You can also download and delete existing SBOMs.
View the VDRs —Vulnerability Disclosure Reports — generated for the selected file. You can generate a new VDR on this page. You can also download and delete existing VDRs.
Firmware Analysis
View the Firmware Analysis Report for the selected file. If one doesn't exist, you can submit the file to Refirm Labs for additional analysis. This tab only appears if firmware analysis capability has been enabled for your organization.
See details of the vulnerabilities that the supplier has chosen to associate with the selected file.

Work through the following steps to locate a product file and view its details.

  1. In the sidebar, select Files > Product Files.
  2. Choose how you want the product files displayed: Group by Product or List All Files.
  3. Locate the product file you want to view.

     Search Tip

    Use the filter and search features to display a set of product files with specific attributes or help locate a particular product file. See Filter and search for files for full instructions on using these features.

  4. Click the product file's name or score to open the information window.


    You can also click More Actions on the far right of the row and select File Details.

  5. Click a tab to display the related information.
    Some pages display information across multiple sub-pages. Use the tabs on the left side of the window to flip through the sub-pages.
  6. Use the buttons across the top of this window as needed.

    The Back and Forward buttons let you navigate through the recently viewed files. The navigation history is erased when you move off the Product Files page in the web portal or sign out of FACT.
    The Refresh button updates the information on the page. This is useful if the file is still being processed and details aren't yet fully available.
    Get Shareable Link
    The Get Shareable Link button displays a link to the current file that you can copy to share with a colleague or save to easily return to this results window.
    Download File
    The Download File button lets you download the current file to your computer. This feature is enabled only for files owned by your organization (the bytes were uploaded when the file was submitted to FACT and no other organization had previously uploaded the bytes). This feature is available only for specific user roles.
    Download & Print
    PDF Report
    The Download & Print PDF Report generates a PDF report of the information across all pages of the information window for the current file and downloads it to your computer.
  7. Click OK when you are finished viewing the product file details to close the window.
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