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Extensive information is available to you on each file on the Submitted Files page. Clicking a file's score or name opens the information window where file details are organized across multiple tabs:

Analysis Results
View an explanation of the confidence rating for the selected file. See the article View a file score for details.
File Details
View a variety of information on the selected file organized across two tabs.
  • The Properties tab displays the fingerprint details (that is, the hashes that are used to uniquely identify a file). The basic file details (including the filename, MIME type, and size), as read from the properties file, are also provided.
  • The Products tab displays the details for each product line with which the file is associated.
  • The Signatures tab displays any signatures, along with their associated certificates.
See how the selected file is related to other files. Information is organized across four tabs.
  • The Parent Containers tab displays all packages known to contain the selected file.
  • The Contents tab lets you examine the file's subcomponents.
  • Use the Subcomponent Vendors tab to see a list of vendors associated with the subcomponent files.
  • Generate and/or download a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM) for the selected file on the SBOM tab.
See details of the vulnerabilities that the vendor has chosen to associate with the selected file.

The name of the selected file displays at the top of the page.

An underline indicates the current tab. A counter on some tabs provides, at a glance, quick information on what the tab contains:

  • The Analysis Results tab indicates the confidence rating.
  • The Vulnerabilities tab indicates the number of vulnerabilities that have been associated with the selected file.


Click the Refresh button to update the information as necessary. This is useful if information is still being processed and details aren't fully displayed.

Work through the following steps to locate a file and view its details.

  1. Expand the End User Tools menu and select Submitted Files.
  2. Locate the file you want to view.

     Search Tip

    Use the filter and search features to display a set of files with specific attributes or help locate a particular file. See Filter and search for files for full instructions on using these features.

  3. Click a filename or the file's score to open the information window.
  4. Click a tab to display the related information.
  5. Use the Back and Forward buttons to navigate through the recently viewed files. 
    This navigation history is erased when you move to a different page in the web portal.
  6. Click OK when you are finished viewing the file details to close the window.
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