Manage your certificate chains

aDolus lets you add the certificate chains that your organization uses to sign product files. Once associated with your organization, the certificate chains can be used to validate the signatures on files submitted by your users as well as users in other organization.

When you submit a file via the FACT Composition Engine (FCE), aDolus validates the signatures on that file using your certificate chains. If a file submitted does not match a certificate chain you provided, a symbol displays next to that file to indicate that there is a certificate mismatch: CertChainMismatch.jpg. This warns you that the file may be fraudulent.

By adding certificate chains, aDolus can alert users in other organizations when they have a potentially fraudulent file. When any user uploads a signed file that matches a file submitted by your organization, aDolus validates the signature and that user will be prompted if there is a certificate mismatch.

You can manage the certificate chains for your organization with these two tasks:

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