About the supplier functionality

When registered as a partner supplier, you will have access to both the FACT Composition Engine (FCE) and the web portal for submitting and managing your product files.

The FACT Composition Engine (FCE)

The FCE is a command line application that provides two actions: analysis and submission.

The analysis step analyzes a supplied file and produces a JSON file containing the results of the analysis.
The submission step submits the JSON results file to the aDolus API to be processed by our FACT system. The data in the JSON file is converted and inserted into the aDolus database.

Splitting the process into these two steps gives you the ability to review the analysis data prior to submitting it to the aDolus system.

The FACT web portal

After submitting product files using the FCE, you can sign in to the FACT web portal and view all files submitted by your organization, including the file details and confidence rating (score) for each one. Extensive functionality is available to edit and manage the files.

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