Create a child product line

As you create and manage your product lines, you'll need to create branches off your top-level products. Follow the steps in this article to navigate and add to your product line structure.

  1. In the sidebar, select Files > Product Files.
  2. Click Group by Product.
    The table displays the existing product lines. Each is marked with the symbol ProductLine_icon.png. Clicking the arrow to the left of a product line expands it, revealing its child product lines and any files associated with that product line.


    You can create a product line in the List All Files view. However, since that view displays a list of files, you won’t see the product line in context. We recommend you build out and manage your product line structure in the Group By Product view.

  3. Locate the product line where you want to create a child product line.
    This may involve expanding a top-level product line to drill down to see the existing child product lines.
  4. Hover your cursor over that product line and click the More Actions button on the far right of the row.
    A menu displays the options available for the product line.
  5. Click Add Child Product Line.
    The Add Product Line dialog box opens. Information at the top of the dialog box indicates where your new product line will be created.
  6. Enter the name and description for the product line you are creating.


    The description displays in the files table as a tooltip on the file name, so be sure to enter a description that will be meaningful to users.

  7. Select the appropriate type for the new product line from the list provided.
    Specifying a type allows you to categorize the different nodes of your product line branches.
  8. Click Save.
    The new product line is created as a child of the product line you selected in step 4.
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