Delete a product line

If you no longer need a product line, you can easily delete it. This action deletes the product line but doesn’t delete the files assigned to it.

The assigned product files will be moved to the Unassigned group if they aren’t associated with any other product lines.

  1. In the sidebar, select Files > Product Files.
  2. Click Group by Product.
    The table displays the existing product lines. Each is marked with the symbol ProductLine_icon.png.


    You must be in the Group By Product view. There is no way to delete a product line in the List All Files view.

  3. Locate the product line you want to delete.
    This may involve expanding a top-level product line to drill down to see the child product lines.
  4. Hover your cursor over the product line you want to delete and click the More Actions button on the far right of the row.
    A menu displays the options available for the product line.



    Deleting a top-level product line deletes any child product lines that the parent contains. Be careful when deleting product lines as this action cannot be undone.

  5. Click Delete.
    A message prompts you to confirm the deletion.

  6. Click Delete.
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