How does it work?

You can use the FACT Quick Scan tool to easily submit a file or hash to FACT for analysis. We’ll analyze it and all of its subcomponents, integrate results we gather from our vendors and security partners, and then provide you with a trustworthiness score. You can use this score, and the file details provided, to determine if your file is legitimate, tamper-free, current, and safe to install. 

You can use the Quick Scan tool at without an account or without being signed in to your account. When using the tool this way, you are limited to uploading 5 files per day with a size limit of 256 MB per file. The trustworthiness score and file details will be available to you as long as you keep the window open.

If you want to retain access to the file details, sign up for a FACT account. Having an account gives you access to a list of all the files you submit, analysis results and details for each file, and a number of useful FACT features. Click Pricing in the header to view the account options.

To create an account, simply click Sign In / Create an Account in the header and then click Sign up on the sign-in page. See the help article Sign up for a FACT user account for full instructions.

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