Submit a file

Quickly and easily submit a file using the aDolus FACT Quick Scan tool to have it analyzed.

  1. Navigate to

  2. Click the File tab (if it isn’t already selected).
  3. Click anywhere in the file drop zone to open your file explorer.
  4. Locate the file you want to submit and click Open.


    If you are using an operating system other than Windows, the button you click to process the submission may be different than the one documented here.


    Alternately, open your file explorer and locate the file you want to submit for analysis. Drag and drop the file into the area indicated on the page.

    When you submit a file, FACT calculates the hash. This is a preliminary analysis to determine the file characteristics. FACT checks this information (the digital fingerprint) against its database (the Trusted Repository) to see if the file has previously been submitted.

    When there is a fingerprint match, the analysis results are displayed. Go to Reading the results.

    When there is no fingerprint match, FACT prompts you to upload the file.


    Click Skip if you don’t want to upload the file. We’ll display any results we’ve collected from vendors or security partners. However, you may also be informed that no results were found for the file.

  5. Click Upload.
    FACT breaks down the file, analyzing it and all of its subcomponents, then displays the results. Go to Reading the results.
    When you upload a file to aDolus FACT, we store the whole file in our database. We run it through analysis and store the results. The analysis results are then available to other users who submit the same file or hash seeking information on it. While the analysis results are available to other FACT users, the uploaded file is never distributed to other parties.
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