Sign up for a FACT user account

Sign up for a FACT account to gain access to useful features available specifically to account owners. Getting an account up and running is a simple, four-step process.

  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Create your account
  3. Verify the account
  4. Set up the account details

Follow the steps in this article to sign up for and set up your account. Once done, you can get started using all of the features available to you in FACT as an account owner.

Step 1: Sign up

  1. Navigate to
  2. Click Sign In / Create an Account in the upper right corner of the header.
    The sign-in page displays.

  3. Click Sign up.
    This displays the account creation page.

Step 2: Create account

  1. In the Email field, enter the email address that you want to associate with your FACT account.
    Once you have an account, you'll use your email address to sign in to FACT.


    This field is case sensitive. The entry is seen as a different account from Make sure you provide your preferred capitalization when completing this field.

  2. In the Password field, create a password for your account.
    Your password must contain at least 12 characters.


    Wondering why a company focused on cybersecurity has so few password rules? Read our blog to find out how to create a secure password.

  3. Click Sign up.
    aDolus sends a verification email to the address you provided.

Step 3: Verify account

  1. Locate the verification email from aDolus.


    The verification link is valid for 7 days. If you let the link expire, you’ll need to start the account creation process again.

  2. Click Verify Email.
    A new browser tab opens and displays a message confirming your registration.
  3. Return to the previous browser tab and click Continue.



    If you closed that tab, don't worry: just navigate to to continue.
    Click Sign In / Create an Account to display the sign-in page and then proceed with the following steps.

  4. On the sign-in page, enter your email address and password.
  5. Click Sign in.
    You're presented with the first account setup page. 

Step 4: Set up account

  1. Work through the steps in the account setup wizard.
    Use the Previous and Next buttons to move between the steps.

    Step 1: Profile
    • Complete the First Name and Last Name fields.
    • Change the name in the Organization field, if desired.
      Every user account is associated with an organization. By default, the organization is named My Organization for individual accounts. The organization name appears only in the header.
    • Click Next.
    Step 2: Notifications
    • Click the check box to the left of each notification option you want to enable for your user account.
    • Click Next.
    Step 3: Agreements
    • Click Terms of Service and Privacy Policy to open the legal documents in new tabs.
    • Review both documents.
    • Click the check box to indicate that you accept the legal agreements.
    • Click Next.
    Step 4: Multi-Factor Authentication
    • Click the Settings button.
      The Configure Text Message (SMS) MFA dialog box opens.
    • Enter the phone number where you can receive codes via text message.
    • Click Send Code.
      aDolus sends a code to the number specified.
    • Enter the code in the Verification Code field and click Verify.
      A message indicates your phone number was successfully verified.
    • Click Close to dismiss this message.
    • Click Next.
    Step 5: Pricing Plan
    • Click Select a Plan.
      The available plans display.
    • Click Monthly and Annual to view the costs available with each option.
    • Click Start Your Trial beneath the option you want to subscribe to. 
      The Subscription box indicates the selected plan.
      Change your mind? Just click Change Plan before you save your payment details.
    • Enter your credit card information in the Payment box. All fields are required.
      Make sure to enter your name as it appears on your credit card. You must provide the postal code for the address associated with that card. 
    • Click Save.
      A message indicates that your trial is now active. The end date for your trial is displayed in the Subscription box.
  2. Click Done on the last step to complete your account setup.
    The header is updated to display the name and organization details you entered. You are automatically given the role Super Admin for the account. 
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