Select an existing report

There are three types of reports: Default, Premium, and Custom. All users have access to the default reports, which give you the ability to view files that are unclassified, approved, rejected, and deleted. You can also choose to view all files (default report).

Access to Premium and Custom reports depends on your subscription plan.

  1. Expand the reports list to the left of the button bar.
    The figure to the right of each report indicates the number of files in the report.
  2. Click the report you want to view.
    The name of the selected report displays to the left of the button bar and the file list updates to reflect your selection.


You can continue to customize the file list using the other filter features: keyword search, attribute filter, subcomponent search, and column and sorting options. Once you make a change, the report label changes to Unsaved Custom Report.

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