Search for a specific item by keyword

Use the search field to locate a specific file by a keyword. The search is limited to the current list of files displayed on the page based on the selected report and filters. To search all files, make sure you select the All report. To search the subcomponents, enable the Search Subcomponents option.

  1. Type your search criteria in the Search field.


    FACT filters the file list as you type, displaying only the files whose file name, supplier, product, or version contains the text you enter.
  2. Click Search_clear.png to the right of your search criteria to clear the field.

     Search Tip

    The filtered list persists until you clear the search field, clear all search criteria, or navigate away from the page. Click Search_clear.png in the search field to clear just the keyword(s). Click Search_clear.png to the right of the search panel to clear all search criteria.

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