Filter by attribute

The filter panel at the top of the file list displays all of the categories available to filter by. You can set as many attributes as you want in order to display only the files you want to see in the list. 

  1. Expand the category you want to filter by.



    If you are a vendor partner viewing product files, the categories available to you will be different than the ones shown here for the Scan History page.

  2. Specify the details that are of interest to you.
    Depending on the category you select, you may be selecting items from a list, using a calendar control to set a date span, or using a slider to specify a range. Some categories include a search field to help you find a specific filter. The file list updates as you work through the categories.

    The File Type category lists some common MIME types. You can select the from the list provided or use the field at the top of the control to enter your own. Click the check mark to the right of the field to add your entry to the list. It is automatically selected for you.


    Each category has its own Clear action. If you make a mistake, you can reset just that category. There's no need to clear all filters and start again.

  3. Click the Clear All Filters button in the upper right corner of the filter panel to remove all filters.

  4. The file list returns to the All report.
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