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Each pricing plan provides your organization with a specific number of API requests and file uploads (your quota). FACT allows you to go over your plan's quota during your billing period, but you will be charged for the overages. To avoid these extra fees, you may want to keep track of your organization's usage as you progress through your billing period.

The Usage tab on the Organization page displays up-to-date information on your organization's current usage by both day and billing period.

  1. In the sidebar, select Settings > Organization Settings to display your organization’s profile.
  2. Click the Usage tab.
  3. Use the information on this page to track your organization's usage.

The top portion of the page presents the current day's statistics. You can clearly see the total number of requests and uploads, as well as how many are included in your plan and how many are part of your overage count.

Your organization's quotas and overage fees are clearly indicated.


 The bottom portion of the page displays the same statistics but for the current billing period.


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