About your support profile

When signed in to the Help Center, you can easily submit a request, update your account details, and view your account activity.

Take a few minutes to sign in to the Help Center and see the functionality available to you. Expand the menu to the right of your user name to see the available pages and functionality.

My activities
This page displays all of your activities within the Help Center. They’re organized into three categories: features you have requested, contributions you’ve made, and articles and posts you’re following. Click a category to view the related information.

On the Contributions tab, only posts and comments that have been approved by the moderator will appear as contributions; if you add content and it is marked as Pending, it will not appear in this list.
My profile
The top of this page displays your profile details and a summary of your Help Center activity. Use the Edit profile button to make changes and additions to your profile.

The body of the page displays information about your activity organized across three tabs: an overview of your activity, the posts you’ve contributed, and any comments you’ve made on articles and posts. On this page, you get to see all of your content: both approved and pending.
Change password
This displays a dialog box where you can change your current password. The password requirements are clearly indicated.
Sign out
Select this option to sign out of the Help Center. You will still be able to view all of the help and community content but you will not be able to post, comment on, or vote on content.
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