Update your support profile

To ensure a meaningful experience in the Help Center, consider adding some information about yourself to your profile. While these details aren’t required, it will help other users in the community get to know you.

You can add an alias on this page. The name you provide will be used instead of your user name when you create posts or add comments to articles/posts in the Help Center. If you change or remove an alias, all references to that alias will be updated.

    1. Make sure you are signed in to the Help Center.
    2. Expand the menu to the right of your user name and select My profile.
      The profile page displays a summary of your Help Center activities.
    3. Click Edit profile.
    4. Add to or update your profile in one or more of the following ways:
      • Edit your name
      • Add an alias
      • Add or change your profile photo
      • Add a phone number
      • Write a few sentences (500 characters maximum), describing yourself, your job, or your aspirations as a community member


      Do not change your email address as this is associated with the records related to you in the support system.

    5. Click OK.
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