Access the user help

You access the FACT user help from the Help item in the header of the web portal. Of course, if you're reading this article, then you've probably already figured that out!

The user help content resides in the Help Center, which also includes an online FACT community forum.

Links beneath the search field provide quick access to areas of the help that you may visit more regularly. Beneath this, the help content is organized into categories.


Each category is broken down into sections, which contain related articles.


The Help Center is an interactive environment and we'd like our users to participate. Providing feedback — like/dislike help articles, vote on community posts, add comments, write a community post — will enable us to improve the content being delivered to you. It can even help us improve our product.

While every user has access to view the help and community content, you must create a support account in order to interact with the content in the Help Center.

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